Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Up, Up, Up From Here

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a smashingly good memorial weekend and are now getting ready to get back into the grind of life and the play of summer!

My weekend consisted of an outside movie party in Springville with old friends and my roomie {the girl talk was exceptional as was the company}, had my last shift until the fall at the School of Music {I helped at a recital where all the men and women wore an awful lot of cologne and perfume. Gag me.}, enjoyed a peaceful Sunday, made a Joanns run, started sewing a dress {which I will hopefully finish and photograph today} and had a hit of a fire party where double the amount of people showed up then were expected to attend {we felt very popular indeed}.

I must admit that life is looking good right about now. Things seem to be falling into place and I am continually scratching things off my summer bucket list. So many great things have happened in the past few days I feel like they deserve to be put into list form: 

1: I FOUND A JOB! I have been lamenting the fact that I had yet to find a job to everyone and their dog lately and I'm sure those people are even more excited than I am that I finally found one. It took three interviews, the offer of dropping one of my classes in the fall and a scary "hands-on" experience answering telephones and emails to get it, but I have it and it's gonna be great. {On Friday my second day on the job, they are throwing a going away party for a couple of people and we are playing lazer tag in the warehouse. Yep that's right, my bosses are cooler than yours.} I feel like I need to buy some new glasses with my first paycheck to go with my new receptionist title. Or groceries. Groceries would be good.  
2: I finally got a new phone to replace my dying Blackberry. Now dont' get me wrong, I loved my Blackberry for the two years I had it. It was a great phone, got me hooked to having internet access all the time and took the beatings I lashed out on it more then once as it cascaded to the ground. But Blacky was getting old and a bit senile and forgot that in order to function I had to be able to actually push the buttons to have it work and not freeze on me. So Blacky is now residing in my "random stuff" box and my new friend Evo has come to play!

Ain't she a beaut? I have been having way too much fun messing around with the applications, signing up for Instagram {and suddenly feeling the urge to take pictures of anything and everything} and getting use to this newfangled touch screen. I think Evo and I are going to get along just fine.

 {One of the aforementioned Instagram photos. Now the background on my phone. Booya.}

3: I rode a scooter for the first time. And no I don't mean one of those razor scooters you see freshman riding around on through campus, I mean a vroom vroom wind rushing through your hair, feel like you're going to crash and die any second kind of scooter. And I loved it. I think there is a daredevil in me just waiting to be set free! I can finally understand why people would ever want to own a motorcycle. There is just something about being in the complete open and getting your wind whipped beneath your helmet that makes you feel free! {While still being completely terrified of crashing and holding onto the boy in front of you for dear life of course.}

4: My first digital scrapbook came in the mail yesterday and it is so beautiful! I have been staring at the pages on the computer for almost two years now and to see them finally in print is quite the accomplishment. I was also amazed at how skinny the book is. I think it has at least 45 pages, but it is a 20th of the size {maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration, but only a bit} of the regular scrapbooks I have at home. {Which now are up to 7 or 8 in quantity. I have no idea where I am going to store them later in life.}

5: Luke and Lorelai FINALLY got engaged at the end of Season 5 of Gilmore Girls. I about had a fit when I realized the sixth season was nowhere to be found in the apartment and I was going to have to wait until my roommate got back from vacation to watch it. I am completely addicted and I don't know what I'm going to do once I finish the 7th season. But I'm guessing the whole having a job and working 9-5 thing will probably help a little bit. 

Well there you have it folks. An update on the not so exciting, but getting more exciting everyday life of Chelsea.  All I've got to say is I hope it continues to look up up up from here! {If you got that Shania Twain song reference I commend you and we should be friends.}


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