Thursday, May 17, 2012

Newfound and Nifty

I've found that most blogs have an update that stays constant week to week and I decided to join the band wagon and make one for my own blog. {Maybe it will get me to be more regular in my postings. Ha.}


I happened upon this Russian designer while blog-hopping and I fell head over heels for her fall 2011 line. {Yes I know it is now summer 2012, but when it comes to vintage clothing, I'd wear it any time of the year.}

Now try not to drool too much as you look at these pics while I get a kleenex to wipe off my chin...

{This one is by far my favorite. Why can't I still have a prom to go to? I would trade this dress for any of the sparkly ones now gathering dust in my closet at home.}

{I have no idea the pricing on any of these pieces, but I'm sure they are all out my range. Now I just need to buy some calico prints to make a full gathered skirt!}


Anyone who knows me, or meets me for the first time and talks to me for five minutes will know that I am completely obsessed with music. I memorize lyrics like crazy and love to belt out my favorites all day every day to the horror joy of my roomies. My current favorites include, but are not at all limited to, the following: 

{I've been checking out Carrie Underwood's new CD on Spotify and I love it! I have yet another CD to add to my birthday/Christmas wish list for this year!}

and last but not least...



Especially anything coral or orangy colored. 

I use to be a lipgloss only type of girl, but lately I have graduated to women's lipwear and I don't think I'll ever go back! {Be watching for a post soon to come about my lipgloss/lipstick collection. I am pretty sure I could never buy another tube for the rest of my life, use up one tube at a time, and never run out.} The fact that I only have to put on a little bit of sparkly eyeshadow, black liner, mascara, and a pop of color on my lips makes getting ready in the morning ten times faster! 

The Fav: I found this gem at Sephora the first time I visited the new shop in City Creek. {Why did I have to discover that I love their make-up so much? I was perfectly content with my four dollar Walmart lipstick until I tried some of theirs.} Now I wear it almost every day!


My most resent project has been to finish my first ever digital scrapbook! I ordered the printed book a few days ago and now I am just waiting rather impatiently for the book to show up in the mail!

It took me forever to complete, but I am so proud of it and I hope it prints as well as it looks on my computer screen!

{The book I just completed is of the three Choir Tours I went on during my high school carrer. Such fun times. Above is one of my most resent and favorite pages!}

Well, that's all for today folk and my mom is calling me for dinner! I have loved being at home the past week and having home cooked meals every night that I didn't have to prepare! I'm headed back up to SLC tomorrow as my epic search for a job continues, but I'll miss being home. {And my cat.}

Until next time!



  1. Sheesh. I LOVE Ulyana Sergeenko. She's so great. And her real life style is so freaking adorable. Gah.

  2. Agreed! When I first looked her up it was a minute before I realized 1/2 the pictures I was looking at were of her and her street style! So amazing!