Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ruffled Shirt Tutorial

I began making this shirt by using this tutorial...but I ended up taking quite a few deviations. 

My first attempt at finishing off this shirt did not end well. I did the ruffles in a bib shape only on the top...well, it definitely looked like a bib. And a fluffy one at that!

{Sorry I don't have pictures of all the steps, I only decided to make this into a tutorial when the finished product didn't look too wretched!}

Step One: In order to make this shirt, I bought the 3/4 length black shirt to use as the base and a tank top with lace on the bottom and top to cut up and make the ruffles with. {I bought both of these shirts for less than three dollars. If you live in the Salt Lake area, check out the Downeast Outlet Store by Walmart off 1300. Everything in the store is under $10 and you can get super cheap shirts to chop up! It was a bad day for my bank account when I discovered that store!}

Step Two: Cut up the shirt of your choice into strips. I cut mine into 1-2 1/2 inch strips. It just depends on how thick you want your ruffles to be. I snipped the edge of the shirt and ripped rather than taking the time to cut each strip out precisely. 

Step Three: Using a long basting stitch, sew the top edge {long ways} on your fabric strips. Leave the thread ends loose and pull them to gather the strips into ruffles. 

Step Four: Place your ruffles in the design that looks good to you and pin down the top layer. You could work from the bottom up so you don't have to pin back each layer as you go, but I worked from the top to the bottom because I'd rather run out of fabric strips at the bottom rather than the top!

Step Five: Start sewing each layer in place with a stretch stitch {if you are working with knits} by following your basting stitches. Pin back each previous layer as you go so you don't catch it in the next one. Continue in this fashion until you have reached your desired number of layers/ruffles down the center front of the base shirt. 

Step Six: To finish off the top, I did a ruffled flower. I accomplished this by spiraling the ruffled strips until it was full enough. I started on the outside and worked my way in. 

And...Voila! A brand new shirt with some pazazz! 

{Disregard my gross hair and tired eyes in these pictures!}

Some ideas for the next time I do this project:

1: Make the ruffles a little smaller and closer together so the bib idea could actually work. It also wouldn't have looked as fluffy if the ruffles had been out of the same color as the base shirt.

2: Cut the shirt down the middle and make it into a cardigan! My roommate Katie gave me this idea and I think it would look super cute. It would make the ruffles less bold and be more versatile in mixing and matching in different outfits. 

Good luck with your ruffling and let me know what you think!


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