Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Coupon Code Crazy!

So here's the thing folks: I love bows. A lot. 

I have come to be known as the girl that wears bows like everyday. And you know the thing that I love maybe even more than wearing my bows myself? Seeing other people wear them :) Which is why I started up my shop Stylish Stitchings on Etsy. If I love these bows so much, why not share the love with the world? Or at least the United States. :)

In an attempt to share this love of bows with you all, I am offering another coupon code for my store! 

Just like last time there are some requirements to access the 30% off coupon: 

1: Follow my blog on Bloglovin by clicking on the Bloglovin button on the right side of the screen.
2: Favoriting my shop Stylish Stitchings or an item in my shop on Etsy.
3: Once you have completed step one and step two, leave a comment on this post with your email address and I will send you the coupon code! I will be checking to make sure that both steps are completed before sending the code. 

Have a great day and go buy some bows! :D


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday Confessions

I decided to link up with Alyx over on Everyday is a New Adventure this week, because let's be honest-I am also in a writing funk and needed some direction as I get back into posting once again. I guess writing blocks happen to everyone. Right? 

1: I just slept/dozed for 2 and a half hours after church. Because I could. And I don't know how many of these lazy days I will have left as school creeps up around the corner of summer ready to attack all of the carefreeness. 

2: My Etsy shop is bringing in a lot of views...but not so many sales. As a result, I've got another promotion up my sleeve. I'm honestly just sick of having a bunch of unused bows sitting around my apartment. They belong on some hair!

3: As much as I complain about summer almost being over, I am actually getting rather excited for school. I get this way every year: I get excited for cardigans, sweaters, oxfords, scarfs, being around more people, learning something new. The only thing I truly dread is the stress of homework that I know will be on the coattails of the cooler weather. 

4: I just want to put my hair up in a bun everyday. Because sometimes it looks classy, it doesn't get in my way, and it's a better way to wear my bows. But it also makes me feel lazy. Maybe I am. 

5: I haven't gone swimming once this summer. Probably my biggest regret of this summer so far. And it must be remedied. Only...2 weeks left really. Yikes! 

There you have it folks, my confessions. Stay tuned for the next coupon code! 


Sunday, July 7, 2013

Headwraps and Hotties

Okay, so we aren'te super models, but I think we're pretty cute :) Especially in these new headwraps that are now available in the shop!

Oh yeah. Super Sexy. We are really good at fashion posts. 

Mustard headwrap in the shop! 

Outfit Details: headwrap: c/o Stylish Stitchings, shirt: DownEast Basics, skirt: DownEast Basics, flip flops: Payless

Necklace: c/o Dragonfly Boutique

Bracelets: DIY (tutorial here), Ring: booth at Freedom Festival 

Outfit Details: headwrap: c/o Stylish Stitchings, shirt: Forever 21, skirt: handmade

Bracelets: DIY (tutorial here), ring: booth at SLC Arts Festival

Necklace: booth at Freedom Festival (it's pretty much my new favorite thing)

And sometimes model poses fail...but it's all good :) 


Friday, July 5, 2013

'Merica Day and D.I.Y. Beaded Bracelet Tutorial

I came home to good ol Springville, Utah for a long Fourth of July weekend to spend time eating way too much food, petting my cat, playing with my family, and running into an ex-boyfriend, his wife and baby at the freedom festival. Yeah...did I say hello? No. Avoided like the plague. But I must admit that I really love the Fourth of July! Something about fireworks, red, white, and blue, and parades gets me all excited!

Sisters, sisters, never knew such devoted sisters! 

Apparently I was the only one that got the "model pose" memo

My favorite buy of the weekend. A fork made into an elephant necklace. Thank you Provo Freedom Festival.

My other favorite accessory of the day--Stylish Stitchings 4th of July bow of course! 

As we were recovering from a couple hours sitting in the sun at the parade in Provo (we had a spot saved under a tree until someone moved our blankets in the middle of the night--apparently people are pretty cut throat about their parade spots!), my little sister and I got busy making some cute bracelets she had learned how to make at a Young Women's activity through our church.These cute and easy bracelets fit the whole "stacking bracelet" trend that's been going around and let me warn you now: making them is addicting!! So I decided that it's time for another tutorial!

Step One: 

Gather all the supplies you will need. Of course I forgot something in the picture: tape. But it really doesn't require very many supplies. We ended up having everything on hand already. You can replace the hemp string to anything from leather thread, to twin, depending on the look you want. You do need something that is thin enough to tie. 

Step Two: 

Cut a length of hemp that is twice as long as your wrist plus some. You will need enough to make a loop at the top and tie the button on at the other end. I always give myself a lot more than I think I will need just in case. I hate it when I get to the end and don't have enough room to finish it off!

Step Three: 

Fold your length of hemp in half and tie a knot at the folded end to make a loop. The loop should be large enough to fit your butt on of choice through it, but not so big the button will just fall out. 

Step Four: 

Tape the loop of your string down to the table and leave enough table space for the length of your bracelet to sit on the table (you will need to hold down the strings, so you can't tape it down to the end of the table like a normal friendship bracelet). For some reason I couldn't get my picture to rotate, sorry folks, but you get the idea. You will also want to tape the opposite end down so the strings are tight against the table with about a 1/4" in-between the two strings. 

Step Five: 

Thread your needle and tie it off at the end of the string. Make the doubled over string as long as you can without it running the risk of getting tangled as you sew the beads on. Once you have your thread ready, tie the knotted end onto the lefthand hemp string. I tied a triple or so knot just to insure it was tight up to the top of the string by the knot that makes the loop. You can leave the knotted end hanging until you are done with the bracelet or you can trim the loose end right away. 

Step Six: 

Okay, so I realized I skipped a couple of easy steps while i was taking pictures, so hopefully this will make sense. If not, please let me know! Next you want to string a bead onto the string you just tied to the hemp. After you have strung the bead on, using the needle, go under the second piece of hemp and pull the bead tight like in the picture below. Then go through the bead again. This is making a loop around the second hemp string and holding the bead in place from both sides. 

Step Seven:

Now that you have gone through the bead again with the needle, go back under the 1st hemp string and pull the thread tight, fitting the bead snugly in-between the two hemp strings. Once the bead is secured and in the position you want it to be in, string another bead onto the thread and repeat the steps. 

Step Eight:

Keep adding beads until you get to the desired length of bracelet, anklet or wrap around bracelet (just make the hemp thread lengths twice as long so you can double it over). 

Step Nine: 

Once you have all the desired beads on the hemp, it is time to secure the button. Take the tape off of the table, cut off the needle, and pull the three strings together at the end (the two hemp strings and the sewing string) to make a knot as close to the bottom bead as possible. 

Below is what the knot should look like with all three strings included. 

Step Ten: 

Once the knot is in place, you can tie on your button and trim the sewing string off near the knot (I tied my sewing string a couple of times around the base of the knot just in case, but you don't have to). Put one hemp string thorough one set of holes and the other string through the other holes, pulling the button tight. If you have a two hole button, then string both of the hemp strings through both holes. 

Step Eleven: 

Turn the button over the tie the two hemp strings together to secure the bracelet. If you have a two hole button, tie the two hemp strings around the knot by the base of the bracelet. 

Now you have a completed beaded friendship bracelet and you are ready to make ten more for yourself, family and friends! :) I got good enough at making them that my little sister who taught me how wanted me to make some for her rather than do them herself! Ha!

Here is what the double strand bracelet looks like (I think this one might be my favorite). 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that you have found a new favorite pass time while watching movies on lazy summer nights! Please comment if anything is unclear :) Hope everyone had a fantastic 4th of July!


Thursday, June 27, 2013

Follow Along: Important Blog Information!

I must have been hiding under a rock, because I just realized that the RSS reader (the Google reader that comes up when you sign into Blogger that lists all the blogs you follow)  is being discontinued the end of this week :( I am now frantically copying over my favorite blogs into Bloglovin and guess what...you should do the same with mine!! I would hate to lose all 30 or so of you in the black hole that is the blogosphere.

So please go to my side bar and click on the beautiful Bloglovin button or click the following link below:

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Make sure to copy over all of your favorites by the end of the week! I'm not sure if Blogger will have any sort of way to recover the blogs you had on the reader, so act fast!

Oh, and here's a picture of a cat doing what I wish I was right now. Enjoy :)


p.s. Share this news with friends so they don't also lose their blog lists! :)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Rachel Sayumi Giveaway

Hey friends! Sorry I have been so absent from the blogging world lately (and here I said I was going to stay on top of it...yeah...). But life has been a whirlwind and I just haven't been able to make the time. Sometimes there are things in life that are just a little more important. But I do have some fun news for ya'll today and be looking forward to a great text conversation I had with someone a couple of days ago-I promise it will make you laugh! ;)

On to the fun news!

The adorable Rachel Sayumi is hosting a Stylish Stitchings Giveaway on her blog this week! Check out her blog and enter to win two bows of your choice. (*hint* if you are a follower of this blog you already have one entry covered! Woot!) Also take some time to look at her amazing outfits and cute personality. It has been so much fun to work with her!


Also, the coupon code from a few posts ago is still active and runs through July 4th. Come visit the shop and maybe pick up some adorable 4th of July bows! Buy them now before it's too late!

Patriotic Fourth of July Assorted Handmade Hair Bow Variety - Small (one)
Click here to access the shop
Patriotic Fourth of July Assorted Handmade Hair Bow Variety - Medium (one)
Click here to access the shop

Patriotic Fourth of July Assorted Handmade Hair Bow Variety - Large (one)
Click here to access the shop
And seriously, sorry for the absence. I'm gonna be better. Promise. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I'm Starting With The Woman In The Mirror I'm Asking Her To Change Her Ways

I should really do the next post on my Black Hole adventure (my friend was giving me grief for having the first two post not even be about our actual trip), but I have some other thoughts that have been weighing on my mind that want to spill forth from my tapping fingers.

Page from my sketchbook last year
If there is one thing I have learned in the past year (or even the past 6 months) about myself is that change freaks me out. Big time. The thought of change doesn't really do anything, that usually just sounds exciting and adventurous, but when that change actually happens my brain is all:

"Wwwhhoooaa there sister. What just happened here? We were totally fine just the way we were thank you very much. Now go cry in the corner and think about what you have done."

Then there is much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Ok, so it's more like listening to moody music and crying to my mom on the phone, but things happen. And it ain't pretty.

I realized that this breakdown syndrome happened to me every time I made a big change when I made the very rash decision to move about four months ago. I decided I was going to move on a Wednesday and I was completely moved out by that Saturday. My little sister was also at Primary Children's for a surgery at this time which meant I was up there visiting her and talking to my parents all week. Having their support, even if it was just verbal because they couldn't leave to help me move boxes, was so needed at that time. They were my lifeline, and even though it was so sad that my little sister had to go through what she did for surgery, I loved having them be a ten minute (if that) drive away. After getting all moved in on Saturday, Sunday was my first full day at the new place. It was also the day my sister was released from the hospital. The day they would all be leaving to go back down to Springville. I had a lot of homework to do as well, so after giving some hugs, I left the hospital to eat lunch and get settled. And that's when the craziness of the previous four days came crashing down on me. I couldn't handle it. What had I done? What was in store for me in this new place? I had been at my old apartment for almost two years. I had gotten use to everything (and honestly that was one of the reasons I felt like I needed to move). This move had sounded like a great idea three days before. But in that moment I just wanted it all to disappear. I had something to eat and rushed back up to the hospital for one extra hour with my parents before they left.

I cried.

I got hugged and told everything would be fine.

Then they left.

And you know what?

Everything was fine.

Was it perfect? No. Is it perfect now? Not really. But have I learned and grown and developed because of this rash change that I was prompted to make? Yes. That's the thing with change, it isn't always just bad or good. Sometimes there are changes that seem like they should create huge new waves in your life that in the end, don't really do all that much for it. Or at least it seems like they don't in the beginning. But I believe that every change and every new direction we turn in our lives, if we are trying to be guided by the spirit, will lead us where we need to be. That may not mean that moving into a new ward will equal an eternal companion or that you will never miss your hometown when you move to the big city, but if you will let it, change can be a beautiful thing that can open up your life to new experiences and new people that would never have been available to you had you stuck your head in the sand like an ostrich and refused to move.

And now I am facing another move, just fourish short months after my realization and I can say that going through the terror and frustration of that first move has truly opened me up to the opportunities change can bring rather than the disappointments. I've learned to look inside myself and tell that girl in the mirror that it's all going to work out. Will this move be perfect and take away all of my problems? I can almost guarantee the answer to that will be a no. But it will all work out because it has in the past and haven't we all been taught that history repeats itself?

Wish me luck.


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Stylish Stitchings Coupon Code!

Okay friends, it's come to the time where I blatantly publicize my Etsy shop on my blog!

I started making these hair bows back in October after realizing that I could make them for myself in whatever color I wanted rather than searching for the right ones in a store. I tried selling them at a craft fair that didn't really work out (the fair itself was a flop, not the product, a story for another time), so I have put my efforts into my Etsy shop instead!

The shop is called Stylish Stitchings and holds over 60 different bows in only the most up to date colors and patterns.

I am still working on getting if off the ground, and reaching as big of an audience as possible, so I would be ever so thankful if you would share them with your family and friends, and anyone who loves a good bow :) You can also "like" my shop on Facebook!

Just for all of you lovely readers (I probably have what, like two of you? Maybe?), I am offering 40% on a purchase of $3.00 or more at my shop for anyone who leaves a comment on my blog with their email address (or some other way to get you the code) and becomes a follower!

Valid only through 7/4/13

I hope to get to meet more of you through the cyberspace world!



The Black Hole Experience Part Two: The Wet Suit Dabacle of 2013

Where did I leave off? Oh yeah. The drama.

So over Memorial Day weekend, it was also my little brother's graduation from high school. I decided to make the long weekend even longer and took the Thursday and Friday before the weekend off of work so I could spend that time with my family down in Springville. This meant that I was going to be meeting up with Alex and his Provo friends rather than just driving down from Salt Lake with him and anyone else up from that way. This also meant it was up to me to procure a wetsuit on my own.


Alex let me know I could get one at the BYU Outdoor Recreation Center (I don't think that's even the right name...oh well. Go UTES!), but that I should wait until later in the day on Saturday to get it so I wouldn't have to stress about returning it early on Tuesday.

I had a bunch of errands to run in Provo that morning, so my little brother and I went out to lunch and enjoyed shooting movie quotes back and forth at eachother as we scoured the city. When it finally came time to pick up my wetsuit, it was around 2 in the afternoon. The sales girl who was available asked me what I needed and headed over to a seeminly empty rack where the wetsuits (I'm guessing) usually hung.

Girl: Oh...it looks like we are low on suits.

Me: That's okay, I only need one.

Girl: Looks like we only have women's mediums and smalls left.

Me thinking: I've lost weight in the past year. I've been buying a lot more mediums. It might be kind of short on me, but I'm sure it will fit everywhere else, and they look stretchy.

Me: A medium might work

The girl took a medium suit off the rack and held it up to me--the edges of the suit were 2 inches in on my torso on both sides.

Me thinking: Wow. That's a confidence builder. Were these made for girls with eating disorders? Nope. I'm just fat big boned. But it will probably stretch. I'll be fine. 

Girl: Yeah, that will probably fit!

Me: Could I try it on just to make sure?

Girl: Sure, just down that hall.

I handed my purse to my little brother (I know he loves it when I do this. Every time I come back from making him hold my purse he's standing awkwardly, holding it in front of him as if he might catch some disease by being seen holding a women's purse. Cooties are real people. And apparently can even be caught by interactions between siblings. Watch out.) and headed to the provided bathroom. Side not: you could tell that the building was owned by BYU because the bathroom looked exactly like every bathroom you go into owned by the church anywhere. It even smelled the same. Weird. I locked myself in a stall, took off my shoes and stuck my feet into the leg holes.

I could barely even pull the suit up over my calves.

All of the "it will stretch!" pep talks I had given myself minutes earlier were put to shame. These things have zero stretch. Which I guess makes sense for their purpose, but is not so great on the whole self image thing. I peeled the sandy suit off and made my walk of shame back into the main room trying not to feel like a walking, breathing, balloon. Forrest was standing awkwardly (as per usual) and the girl was nowhere to be found. I hung the suit back up next to its skinny friends and wandered into the next room with the cash register. The girl was helping out another employee (very apparently his first day on the job) ring someone up and none of the employees were wearing name tags or anything so I couldn't tell who else in the place might be able to help me and who just looked legit because they were use to renting things like kayaks, climbing shoes, and canoes.

We waited a painfully long time for the transaction at the front to be completed and finally the girl was available for me to ask a very improtant question.

Girl: Did it not fit?

Me: No...it was pretty small. One size up and it might have fit.

Girl: Dang, that's too bad.

Me: Do you know of anywhere else locally I could rent a suit?

Girl:.....(long pause)....No, I don't really know of one. Sorry!

And off she went to help the next poor sop in line.

I walked out of the store completely defeated. The trip was the next day. The water we were going to be swimming through was suppose to be fridged. It came all came down to one thing:

No Wetsuit = No Canyoneering for Chelsea

I texted Alex asking if he had gotten his suit yet and if he could grab one for me up in SLC, but he had gotten his the day earlier since they weren't open on the weekends. He very graciously offered his to me, as he "had always wanted to try doing the canyon without one" (macho-man-chivalry-pride at it's finest). I was about to accept his offer just so I could join in on the trip when Forrest remembered a suba shop in downtown Springville (Most random thing ever? Yes.) that might have some to rent. Good old Suba Ted's. I gave them a call and low and behold they had some in stock!! We finished up with the rest of our errands and headed home with a short stop by Suba Ted's.

We parked at the sketchy looking laundry mat and walked into the shop where we were accosted by a very fishy, oceany, smell. Are they trying to pretend you can actually smell the ocean in the middle of Utah? Because that just ain't gonna happen. Anyways, I asked the man behind the counter if I could rent on of their wetsuits. He answered with a question that I knew was a bad sign as soon as it left his mouth:

(It's called Suba Ted's, therefore I'm going to assume his name was Ted.)

Ted: What are you going to use it for?

Me thinking: I can't flat out say canyoneering. I know that's why he's asking. But I can't lie and say I'm scuba diving. We live in UTAH for goodness sakes, what else but canyon swimming do people even use wetsuits for?

Me: We are going to a canyon that is going to have water in it that's cold.

Ted: *shaking his head and interrupting me before I could even get my full sentence out* Nope, I can't help you. You know that really tears up the suits right? It's just so bad for them.

Me: Oh. Okay. Well I guess you can't help me then.

Ted: Well if you want I could sell you a suit?

Me: How much would that be?

Ted: I have some that are around $100...

Me: No, I can't afford that right now.

Ted: *as I am walking out the door* Well I'm sorry about that--

Me: *No response--Cue closing of the door*

Dear Suba Ted's, how in the WORLD do you get enough business to keep running when you don't even rent your suits out to people wanting to go down a canyon? Do you really get that many customers who take the suits suba diving? I would really like to be proven wrong on this point, because it would make for an awesome trip, but the last time I checked there are no reefs or anything of the type to be seen in the state of Utah. Unless someone is really dying to see the garbage eating fish at the bottom of Utah lake. So thank you for nothing you useless suba store.

At this point I was rather upset and feeling drained from a day of ups and downs "yes I'm going on the trip, no I'm not, yes I am, no I'm not". I contacted Alex letting him know that Ted's was a no-go and he once again suggested I take his suit. I asked "are you sure?" at least fifty times and finally accepted his offer. I really wanted to go on this trip guys. 

The end.

Haha just kidding. The wetsuit debacle of 2013 wasn't over yet.

I was just getting out of Walmart after buying a new (knockoff) camelback and snacks when Alex called me with some smart reasoning as to why I couldn't use his suit. It went something like this:

Alex: So...I don't think you'll be able to use my suit...

Me: Why?

Alex: Well, me and my roommate were talking about it and...well...girls and guys...they have different anatomy...and the suit is already pretty tight over my chest and well...

Me: ...it won't really fit me? (helping him out of his struggle to not make this an awkward conversation which was really just making it even more awkward for himself and more hilarious for me)

Alex: Yeah. Exactly. I'm so sorry! Do you think you could find one anywhere else?

I had actually already texted a friend from high school who had a boat and I thought might have some wet suits to see if I could maybe borrow one, but I hadn't heard back from him. He was my last hold out.

Me: My friend might have one I can borrow, but I haven't heard back from him yet...

Alex: Okay, just let me know. Otherwise I guess you could do it without one...

Me: I'm not sure if I'm hardcore enough for that. I probably just wouldn't be able to come.

And that was when I really thought I wasn't going to be able to go after all the stress, planning, question asking, purchasing, and pumping up of my excitement. Imagonna be honest: I was pretty bummed. I came back home, didn't bother doing any packing, and kinda moped around the house wishing there was another way.

Then came the text from the heavens (aka my high school friend Steve):

His parents had a wetsuit.
They didn't mind if I borrowed it.


I drove over to their house at 10:30 that night, tried on one suit that was once again way too small (at least people are underestimating my size, right?), and finally settled for one that was a bit too big and shorts instead of full length, but would be good enough.

I called Alex to let him know the drama was finally over and that yes, I was coming--he was pretty relived as he felt it was his fault I didn't get one at the first place because he told me to go later in the day. I assured him it wasn't his fault and that after a crazy day, it was all working out.

I frantically started packing my stuff (trying my hardest not to be a cronic overpacker...because I am) and went to bed with a smile on my face.

I was going canyoneering.

...to be continued. 


Monday, June 3, 2013

The Black Hole Experience (Part One)

Hello my frineds!

I have been meaning to start getting these posts up for a week now and just haven't made the time.

Now I'm making the time. (duh)

So for Memorial Day weekend, my friend Alex invited me to go canyoneering with him and some friends down in Moab. My first thoughts when he invited me to come were:

What the heck is canyoneering?
I've only been hiking once this summer let alone something intense sounding like canyoneering.
I have to get a wetsuit?
I'm in way over my head. 
I will probably die in the canyon and my mom will be right. I should have stayed inside for the rest of my life, never facing the dangerous outdoors. 
Sleeping under the stars? 
I'm pretty sure I will be eaten to death by bugs before I even have the chance to die in the canyon. 
We have to carry in all of our own water? 
Now add dehydration to the list of ways I will die on this trip. 
But what actually came out of my mouth (because I'm a tough, macho, "I won't let anyone know I'm afraid because then I'm a silly girly girl who can't be taken seriously" type of person) was:

"Sure! Sounds like fun!"

My little brother Forrest thought the same thing (What the heck is canyoneering?) when I was talking about it and unbeknownst to me, looked it up. Being the concerned brother he was, he tried to talk me out of doing this dangerous activity that could very well end in an untimely death. I asked him why he was so concerned about me going and he explained what he thought canyoneering was. The definition that he had pulled up on his phone said something like: "Letting oneself be taken by the current of a river down a canyon with no rafts or boats."


I had a good laugh and thankfully was able to let him know that was NOT what I would be participating in the coming Monday. What we would really be doing was the following:

The sport of exploring canyons (as by climbing, rappelling, swimming, or rafting) 

A veiw of the Black Hole canyon (No this isn't my picture and no this doesn't do it justice. Well, besides the color of the water. That is pretty accurate. Lol)

Must less scary (I think...)

It was going to be a short trip (drive down Sunday afternoon, camp, sleep, hike, drive home Monday afternoon) and was promised to be a beginners climb that a newbie to all things outdoors (like myself) would be able to handle. I was pumped. I was going to be able to try something new and add another item to my Summer Adventures list.

After asking Alex about a bazillion questions ranging from "where should I meet you guys" to "should I bring a blanket?" I was feeling ready to go and uber excited.

Then the drama began.

to be continued...


Friday, May 31, 2013

Should Managers Provide Free Café Rio Lunches? [An essay by Chelsea and Cassi]

Today at work my coworker and I decided we wanted free lunch. My boss told us that in order for this to happen we had to convince him. He also said that food was more important than customers (in jest, but we took it as truth) so we wrote the following proposal to convince him using the 5 paragraph persuasive essay format from elementary school. Who knew it would actually become handy in real life? ;)

Have you ever been sitting at a lonely desk in a front office building when suddenly your stomach begins to speak to you?  There’s a solution for this problem that will be addressed in the following paragraphs and it begins with a tortilla and ends with a “Thank you for choosing Café Rio”. Café Rio should be purchased for hungry customer service employees because they are hungry and food is a basic human right, they are hard workers, and a dessert of choice will be provided for the supplier of the Café Rio.
First of all, food is a basic human right. Depriving employees by not supplying free lunch may cause such symptoms as hunger, fatigue, hallucinations, angry outburst at customers and bosses, an overall grumpy attitude, and in severe cases, death. When faced with the options of supplying the food or not, it appears that the choice should be an easy one. Some may say that only providing free Café Rio for customer service employees is unfair to the other works in the warehouse. But we disagree. The nuances of customer service lend these employees to hold a level of digression that would keep there from being any issues with the warehouse workers in question.
Along with saving your employees from a painful death of starvation, providing Café Rio will also show your employees that you appreciate their hard work and uplifting manners. As opposed to the side effects mentioned above from hunger, the side effects of supplying Café Rio for hard working employees are overflowing with positive outcomes such as: faster resolution to customer service issues, a more enjoyable demeanor, and a happy, satisfied stomach. Rewarding these employees will encourage the continuation of hard work and perseverance through the hard times on the front line of communication with angry customers. As Steve Maraboli said, “A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.”
Finally, there is the issue of compensation. No favor should be asked without a plan of action from the receiver of the favor to reciprocate the gift of Café Rio. A suitable plan of action is that a dessert of the manager or bosses choice be made by the customer service representatives. This will satisfy the sweet tooth of the receiver as well as bring joy to his stomach and joy to those he shares the gift with.  The manager’s happiness will also brighten the day of the customer service representatives, bringing the cycle full circle. Opening up the gift options by letting the manager choose the dessert also shows the maturity and dedication to excellence of the customer service representatives.
In conclusion there are many reasons why the customer service representatives should receive free Café Rio. The main reasons are, the provision of food is a basic human right, providing free lunch will reward them for their hard work and insure more hard work in the future, and compensation will be given by way of baked goods of the manager’s choice. So as you sit and read these words, think back on a time when you were hungry and your stomach began to speak to you. What is it saying to you now? Free Café Rio for the girls it is!


p.s. We got Cafe Rio. Success.  

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Of Drunkards and Graduates

I was about to type "what a weekend it's been!" and then I realized the weekend isn't even here yet...ha. I've been in weekend mode ever since Monday because of my three day work week (aka, pretty much the best thing that has happened this month) due to my little brother Forrest graduating from high school. I love that kid to death and I can't believe it's been three years since it was me singing in the choir and walking across that stage, letting my smile get more and more stiff the more pictures were taken. Strange.

On a different note, the thing I really wanted to write about tonight is something that I find interesting:  humans.

I have always been an avid people watcher (maybe this is why I love the city so much). More often than not, this ends with me laughing out loud to myself over someone's outfit, hairdo or overheard conversation. Now this may sound like I walk around, putting myself up on a pedestal and laughing at others eccentricities. But in reality, I just find the way that people express themselves so interesting. I constantly think to myself as I walk around a grocery store or downtown in City Creek: "What has lead that person or that one over there to get to this point in their life? How did they come to be here at this moment? And what made them decide to shave half of their hair off and dye the other half bright blue?!?"

I had one of these "why?!?" moments when I came home late this Monday night. I had just gotten done playing a grueling (yet amazing) 3 hours of ultimate frisbee and was ready to jump into bed and fall asleep before my head touched the pillow--as they say. I drove up the driveway that goes along the side of my apartment complex, said "hi" to the cat that is always sitting in one of the windowsills in a basement apartment (I have decided it is a her and every morning she's there she gets a "there's my kitty!" from my car. I'm cool like that.), rounded the corner into the parking lot behind the building and almost ran right over someone who was lying in the middle of the road at 12:30 at night. 

My first response?


Thought process:

They are clearly dead or dying. 
I've never seen a dead person before. 
This is why I've never gone to a viewing. 
Should I call 911?
What if another car turns the corner and actually runs them over? 
What if I would have run him over?
And what happened to them in the first place?
Was there a shooting? 
Overdose on drugs? 
Did they just pass out on their way to the door? 
What if they got knifed or something? 
The person could still be out there...waiting to attack me next. 
Why do I live in the city? 
Mom was right, there ARE creepy people in Salt Lake!

I quickly parked and turned off my car, ready to do my civic duty to try and help this poor person get to a hospital or at least get in touch with the police for them so they could get some help. I got out of my car and started walking over when two other guys stepped out from the shadows of the back door of the apartment building.

They pulled out a knife and...

Just kidding. There were no knives mom.

Just a LOT of alcohol.

The person lying on the ground started to moan as his friends walked over to him, "Idon'twannabehitbyacar, Idon'twannabehitbyacar, Idon'twannabehitbyacar." He was so drunk he couldn't stand up by himself and his friends were drunk enough that the only reaction they had to his impending death or maiming if a car wasn't paying attention when they turned the corner, was to laugh hysterically. I quickly walked past them rolling my eyes and lowering my heart rate.

This time my thought process:


This people watching experience did not leave me with such a positive sense of wonderment at the human race unfortunately. More, it cemented in my mind the fact that the decisions I have made with my life are good and will keep me from ever being in the predicament of not being able to control myself of my own free will.

We all have the choice to do what we want with our lives, but I guess I choose not to lie in the middle of the road begging my friends to stop me from getting run over.

I'll stick with keeping people entertained by my cat shirts and mustache necklaces.

But I guess to each his own!


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Best Thing Ever

Found this website where you can generate your name or sentences in a cat font. This may be what the font of the heaven's looks like! 


Friday, May 17, 2013

Summer Bucket List

A goal I made for myself last summer was to try as many new things as possible within the 3 months of freedom from homework and the grind of fitting in school, work and some semblance of a social life. Some first times from last summer included:
  • riding a scooter 
    • The motorized kind one step down from a motorcycle, not the razor kind freshman like to use as their main source of transportation on campus. The best part of this was that it was on the way to watch listen to a concert from a hill with a bunch of other hippies students. Very hipster. 
  • visiting Red Butte Gardens 
    • What a beautiful place. I would recommend it to anyone who is in the SLC area and hasn't been. Especially if you are a U student because you get in for freeeeeee!!! (name that movie)
  • trying sushi for the first time
    •  My friend and I went to a place in downtown Salt Lake where all the sushi is 1/2 off after 11 (happy hour). I had some sort of regular raw fish kind and the vegas roll (sushi that has been deep fried--the Americanized dessert-like kind). Guess which one was my favorite.
  • going fishing 
    • I'm proud to say that on one of our trips I caught the biggest fish of the group-let's hear it for the newbie!
  • gutting a fish 
    • I was surprisingly relatively undisgusted by this chore. I think it's mostly because fish are slimy and gross and I didn't feel bad cutting them in half. Now tell me to do the same thing to a quail or a bunny and I might just pass out. Or start to cry. Or both.
  • filleting a fish 
    • This came right after the gutting and was a lot less gross, but also a lot more difficult. I'm pretty sure most of the pieces I did were just that-in pieces. Like 50 of them.
  • getting my purse stolen
    • Okay, so this wasn't a first I was planning on experiencing, but has now instilled in me moments of terror every time I leave a location. I check about twenty or a hundred times just to make sure I have everything I came with. And yet I still leave things places. I believe every item or importance should come with a clicker like cars do so I can push a button and have them beep at me. Speaking of which I could use this for the before-mentioned car clicker on my keys sometimes. 
As Summer 2013 begins I've decided it's time for a new list of new things to try an accomplish is long past due (I mean, it's already been what, two weeks?)
  • go climbing
    • This was partially accomplished this Tuesday on a crazy free-climbing adventure I went on...more on that later. 
  • skydiving 
    • This was on last summers list and will probably once again not get accomplished, but one can dream, right? 
  • camping
    • This will probably be accomplished next weekend if I get up the gumption to actually join in on the Moab trip...
  • discover downtown
    • It's been a goal ever since I moved to SLC to take a Saturday and just walk around downtown Salt Lake. Go into all the little shops, eat somewhere new, get an awful farmers tan, you know, the works. 
  • go to the farmers market
    • I really should have gone before now...
  • try out the southbound Frontrunner
    • Having a car makes life so much easier, but the price of gas makes me want to curl up in a little ball and never leave the apartment. So I really might as well try this newfangled transportation option and see what all the hype is about.
  • enter a freelace design competition
    • I need to keep up my designing skills somehow this summer and why not have the chance to make boucoo bucks in the process??
  • go to one of the Twilight Concert Series shows
    • I still wish I would have gone and seen Iron and Wine when they came last year, but as usual, something came up. Therefore I would like to try out a new one this year. And yes I will be wearing a thrifted dress, my hair will have some resemblance to dreads and I will probably wear loafers. If you're gonna try and be hipster, you might as well go all the way. Oh, I will also bring a mason jar full of herbal tea to sip on during the show. 
  • go to a fire party and play my guitar
    • I'm still working on overcoming the fear of playing my guitar in front of others. Singing? Nobigdeal. Playing? Terror. But I have this romanticized picture of my playing and laughing and singing with other laughing, singing people all around a fire on a beach during the summer. Since I live in Utah and that is probably not going to change anytime soon, delete the beach part and that is the picture of a perfect summer night in my  head.
Well there are some of my goals for the summer--you guys have any crazy fun adventure suggestions I should add to the list?


p.s. To stick with the random cat theme (What can I say, I can't help it when I search for "bucket" online and get one with a cat. I have to use it.) here is a cat gif to make your day a little brighter :)


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Where the Journey Begins...

This Friday my friends and I that use to eat lunch together every Monday and Wednesday at the institute last semester got together for a beginning of summer/end of the school year bash. The night started tame enough but escalated to the point that we were rolling on the ground laughing over an advertisement of an RPod camper that was pinned on the fridge with the slogan "Where the Journey Begins..." we deemed this the theme of the night as we parted ways to experience the journey that this summer will take us on (I know, it was highly sappy and sentimental of us. In our defense it was 11:30 at night, some of us had been at it since 6 and our voices were actually hoarse from talking/laughing so much).

I don't think I have laughed as hard as I did that night in a very very long time. By the end of the night my cheeks and head hurt and it honestly felt like I had just gone and done a face work out...if that even exists. (Just remembered this video. Face workouts do exist. At least in the 80's.) If only I could actually lose pounds by sitting and eating donut pie, chicken salad sandwiches, and pasta salad. I'm pretty sure that would be heaven on earth.

We had planned on the night being an "Introduce those who have not seen Avatar the Aime series to these poor souls" (yes I am one of those poor souls, sue me) but in the end we opted for sitting around and talking all night instead.

We played a great game called Social Beach Ball (We gave it this name and decided we are all going to quit school to start our own company. We are going to make millions guys.) that is kind of like truth and dare with out the dare part. It's a great ice breaker game and got us all rolling on the funny comments. I was going to share some of them, but I'm pretty sure for most of them you had to be there.

One running joke of this group though has to do with the difference between boys and girls (I would say men and woman, but after deciding that our next party would be breakfast for dinner, Phineas and Ferb and a reading of There's a Wockit in my Pocket by Dr. Suess, we really are just boys and girls). Our friend Shane saw this motivational speaker on a YouTube video talking about men and women and the differences in the way they think. Let me give you a quick run down of this eye opening theory:

Men's brains are full of boxes. They can only take out one box at a time. There's the food box (claimed to be the biggest-some say it takes up over half of the brain cavity ;) ), the work box, the sleep box, the bacon box, etc. So when they are watching TV and they don't answer your question, it's because the sports box is out and their "mow the lawn" or "listen to my day" or "do you like the new curtains" box is not on center stage. And honestly there probably isn't even a box for that last question. In order for a new box to come out, the other box has to be put away. They also have this box called the "nothin' box".  And it's full of just that: nothing. So when you ask a man "what are you thinking about?" and they say nothing, there is no need to think they have some sort of ulterior motive or they are bored with you or your company, they are honestly just thinking of nothing. At all.

Now women, well, we are a little bit different (shocker, I know). Women's minds are like the Internet-everything is connected to everything and we have a million tabs open at once and nothing ever really turns off. Sometimes the system might get so jammed that a slack look goes on our face. This is called buffering. If you look closely you might be able to see our iris' spin like the pinwheel of death. ;)  This is why we are so good at working, checking a text, chewing bubble gum, walking (in heels mind you), talking about our cats and saving the world, all at the same time. This is also why we are so confused by the fact that men can have a "nothing" box. That fact does not compute and usually results in a blank white screen and the need for a reboot.

In the end we also decided this is why all Monks are men. As they sit and meditate in the cathedrals of the world, they can just pull out their handy dandy "nothin' box" and sit for hours. Women on the other hand would be crocheting blankets for the poor, writing their first novel on proper methods of meditation, and whispering about the latest church gossip "Did you hear? Sister Kathrine got a new robe today and it's blue. Not black, blue. I've heard they might make her read the book of Isaiah for the next month during scripture meditation as punishment. I think they should make her do it for two and not let her join in on choir practice. I mean, the audacity!" Had the scribing of books been left to the women to copy over for hours and hours we may not have the Bible today. Or it might have taken the other route and be twice as big as it is now because we just can't seem to leave anything out or throw anything away. Like the Rpod advertisement. And how sad the night would have been without a catch phrase.

The journey is just begining guys.

Hobey Ho let's go!