The Girl Behind the Text

Hello my friends.

The name's Chelsea:

Occupation: Student at the University of Utah and Customer Service Manager at US Novelty and Party. I'm one of the people on the other end of your grumpy rampage about how your napkins aren't the right color.

Major: Graphic Design

Favorite Animal: Cat. Hands down. Sorry dog lovers.

Favorite Color: Green, pink, and mustard yellow with navy.

Favorite Things to Do: Sing in the shower, play ultimate frisbee and basketball (usually the shower part comes after this), read books, cross stitch, learn new things, go to concerts, play the guitar, sew my own clothes, make baked goods, and of course, shopping.

I have tried to write on a blog before.

I failed miserably and the venture ended in a few months tops.

This time I am determined to keep it moving, keep it interesting and keep you here for as long as possible. I promise to be as witty as possible, as charming as I can and as full of advice, DIY's, and embarrassing personal stories as I have time for.

Hopefully this will be a place to find inspiration, have a few laughs and learn something new!

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