Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday Confessions

I decided to link up with Alyx over on Everyday is a New Adventure this week, because let's be honest-I am also in a writing funk and needed some direction as I get back into posting once again. I guess writing blocks happen to everyone. Right? 

1: I just slept/dozed for 2 and a half hours after church. Because I could. And I don't know how many of these lazy days I will have left as school creeps up around the corner of summer ready to attack all of the carefreeness. 

2: My Etsy shop is bringing in a lot of views...but not so many sales. As a result, I've got another promotion up my sleeve. I'm honestly just sick of having a bunch of unused bows sitting around my apartment. They belong on some hair!

3: As much as I complain about summer almost being over, I am actually getting rather excited for school. I get this way every year: I get excited for cardigans, sweaters, oxfords, scarfs, being around more people, learning something new. The only thing I truly dread is the stress of homework that I know will be on the coattails of the cooler weather. 

4: I just want to put my hair up in a bun everyday. Because sometimes it looks classy, it doesn't get in my way, and it's a better way to wear my bows. But it also makes me feel lazy. Maybe I am. 

5: I haven't gone swimming once this summer. Probably my biggest regret of this summer so far. And it must be remedied. Only...2 weeks left really. Yikes! 

There you have it folks, my confessions. Stay tuned for the next coupon code! 



  1. have you thought about cross promoting your etsy shop with other blogs? you could also do fliers at local business etc. i'm in the midst of putting out business cards and fliers for my etsy shop to get the sales going!

  2. Sunday naps are so relaxing! :)