Monday, June 3, 2013

The Black Hole Experience (Part One)

Hello my frineds!

I have been meaning to start getting these posts up for a week now and just haven't made the time.

Now I'm making the time. (duh)

So for Memorial Day weekend, my friend Alex invited me to go canyoneering with him and some friends down in Moab. My first thoughts when he invited me to come were:

What the heck is canyoneering?
I've only been hiking once this summer let alone something intense sounding like canyoneering.
I have to get a wetsuit?
I'm in way over my head. 
I will probably die in the canyon and my mom will be right. I should have stayed inside for the rest of my life, never facing the dangerous outdoors. 
Sleeping under the stars? 
I'm pretty sure I will be eaten to death by bugs before I even have the chance to die in the canyon. 
We have to carry in all of our own water? 
Now add dehydration to the list of ways I will die on this trip. 
But what actually came out of my mouth (because I'm a tough, macho, "I won't let anyone know I'm afraid because then I'm a silly girly girl who can't be taken seriously" type of person) was:

"Sure! Sounds like fun!"

My little brother Forrest thought the same thing (What the heck is canyoneering?) when I was talking about it and unbeknownst to me, looked it up. Being the concerned brother he was, he tried to talk me out of doing this dangerous activity that could very well end in an untimely death. I asked him why he was so concerned about me going and he explained what he thought canyoneering was. The definition that he had pulled up on his phone said something like: "Letting oneself be taken by the current of a river down a canyon with no rafts or boats."


I had a good laugh and thankfully was able to let him know that was NOT what I would be participating in the coming Monday. What we would really be doing was the following:

The sport of exploring canyons (as by climbing, rappelling, swimming, or rafting)
A veiw of the Black Hole canyon (No this isn't my picture and no this doesn't do it justice. Well, besides the color of the water. That is pretty accurate. Lol)

Must less scary (I think...)

It was going to be a short trip (drive down Sunday afternoon, camp, sleep, hike, drive home Monday afternoon) and was promised to be a beginners climb that a newbie to all things outdoors (like myself) would be able to handle. I was pumped. I was going to be able to try something new and add another item to my Summer Adventures list.

After asking Alex about a bazillion questions ranging from "where should I meet you guys" to "should I bring a blanket?" I was feeling ready to go and uber excited.

Then the drama began.

to be continued...


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