Friday, March 2, 2012

More Addicting than Pintrest

Hello Facebook friends and any other random strangers that decide to take a peek at this little blog of mine. It kind of frightens me to look at the little count going in the corner that says 29 people have already looked at my blog and I haven't even told anyone it was up until now.

Kinda creepy. 

But anyways, I created this blog for my current Writing for New Media class, but decided to try to make it good enough that I would want to keep it and continue to post on it for you all. I know that most likely I will be the only one that actually cares about what I have to say, but it's always nice to imagine someone else reading your words and finding some sort of comfort, humor or satisfaction. 

I don't expect any of you to come back unless I keep things interesting, so I will try my hardest. (My roommates always laugh at my jokes but I can never tell if it is because I am actually funny or because it is usually at atrocious hours of the night when these situations come about. Like now as I sit and type this at 1:30 in the morning.) 

I don't promise to be as addicting as Facebook, Pintrest, chocolate or tetris, but I do hope to hear from you and brighten your day in some small way! Wish me luck and perseverance as I take the dive into the ocean that is the Blogosphere. I have packed my life jacket, water floaties, nose plug and hair net. Hopefully I've got everything. 

Oh, I forgot the kitchen sink. 

Silly me!


*Note: I am still working on the layout/colors/fonts/etc. so if some of them are wonky for a little while, I apologize! 


  1. Chels! The blog looks super cute! I need you to teach me some things!

  2. Thanks Rachel! And I am sure you know more than me! Haha! I just messed around with it :)