Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Few Do's and Don'ts of Fashion

I have never uploaded a video to YouTube before, and I must say it was rather exhilarating to see my work up for the world to see. It's nothing ground breaking, but I enjoyed making it and hopefully you will enjoy watching it and maybe even learn something new! :)



  1. I just love love it!!! Great JOB!

  2. Well-done. I do, however, have a problem with the idea of rules and what I should be doing. The ending did relieve that a little. I don't like being told, and that is part of my character, certainly everyone won't be taken aback by it.

  3. Nice video, I'm in agreement with all your rules, especially the socks with sandals rule, those are hideous! I do find the wearing of glasses without lens to be very strange though, I can't understand why people do this. However, that looks does seem to suit some people, so I guess it's alright. The editing was pretty clean and good, and I thought you had a good choice of images!