Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Where the Journey Begins...

This Friday my friends and I that use to eat lunch together every Monday and Wednesday at the institute last semester got together for a beginning of summer/end of the school year bash. The night started tame enough but escalated to the point that we were rolling on the ground laughing over an advertisement of an RPod camper that was pinned on the fridge with the slogan "Where the Journey Begins..." we deemed this the theme of the night as we parted ways to experience the journey that this summer will take us on (I know, it was highly sappy and sentimental of us. In our defense it was 11:30 at night, some of us had been at it since 6 and our voices were actually hoarse from talking/laughing so much).

I don't think I have laughed as hard as I did that night in a very very long time. By the end of the night my cheeks and head hurt and it honestly felt like I had just gone and done a face work out...if that even exists. (Just remembered this video. Face workouts do exist. At least in the 80's.) If only I could actually lose pounds by sitting and eating donut pie, chicken salad sandwiches, and pasta salad. I'm pretty sure that would be heaven on earth.

We had planned on the night being an "Introduce those who have not seen Avatar the Aime series to these poor souls" (yes I am one of those poor souls, sue me) but in the end we opted for sitting around and talking all night instead.

We played a great game called Social Beach Ball (We gave it this name and decided we are all going to quit school to start our own company. We are going to make millions guys.) that is kind of like truth and dare with out the dare part. It's a great ice breaker game and got us all rolling on the funny comments. I was going to share some of them, but I'm pretty sure for most of them you had to be there.

One running joke of this group though has to do with the difference between boys and girls (I would say men and woman, but after deciding that our next party would be breakfast for dinner, Phineas and Ferb and a reading of There's a Wockit in my Pocket by Dr. Suess, we really are just boys and girls). Our friend Shane saw this motivational speaker on a YouTube video talking about men and women and the differences in the way they think. Let me give you a quick run down of this eye opening theory:

Men's brains are full of boxes. They can only take out one box at a time. There's the food box (claimed to be the biggest-some say it takes up over half of the brain cavity ;) ), the work box, the sleep box, the bacon box, etc. So when they are watching TV and they don't answer your question, it's because the sports box is out and their "mow the lawn" or "listen to my day" or "do you like the new curtains" box is not on center stage. And honestly there probably isn't even a box for that last question. In order for a new box to come out, the other box has to be put away. They also have this box called the "nothin' box".  And it's full of just that: nothing. So when you ask a man "what are you thinking about?" and they say nothing, there is no need to think they have some sort of ulterior motive or they are bored with you or your company, they are honestly just thinking of nothing. At all.

Now women, well, we are a little bit different (shocker, I know). Women's minds are like the Internet-everything is connected to everything and we have a million tabs open at once and nothing ever really turns off. Sometimes the system might get so jammed that a slack look goes on our face. This is called buffering. If you look closely you might be able to see our iris' spin like the pinwheel of death. ;)  This is why we are so good at working, checking a text, chewing bubble gum, walking (in heels mind you), talking about our cats and saving the world, all at the same time. This is also why we are so confused by the fact that men can have a "nothing" box. That fact does not compute and usually results in a blank white screen and the need for a reboot.

In the end we also decided this is why all Monks are men. As they sit and meditate in the cathedrals of the world, they can just pull out their handy dandy "nothin' box" and sit for hours. Women on the other hand would be crocheting blankets for the poor, writing their first novel on proper methods of meditation, and whispering about the latest church gossip "Did you hear? Sister Kathrine got a new robe today and it's blue. Not black, blue. I've heard they might make her read the book of Isaiah for the next month during scripture meditation as punishment. I think they should make her do it for two and not let her join in on choir practice. I mean, the audacity!" Had the scribing of books been left to the women to copy over for hours and hours we may not have the Bible today. Or it might have taken the other route and be twice as big as it is now because we just can't seem to leave anything out or throw anything away. Like the Rpod advertisement. And how sad the night would have been without a catch phrase.

The journey is just begining guys.

Hobey Ho let's go!


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