Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I Think I'm Getting Stupider

I know guys, it's been what, 4 months since I last posted? Pretty sad. Especially considering my last post was all about how I was going to be better about blogging. The only responses I have for that is the following: school and work. Which is translated to: the end to life. But guess what? It's SUMMER TIME BABY! And that means I get to make another whole-hearted attempt at blogging that may or may not die off by the end of the month as slowly and painfully as the cheese I threw away this morning that was so covered in mold I could have mistaken it for a mouse. But hey, at least I can say I tried.

Lately I have been inspired to write again because of this wonderfully hilarious blog called It Just Gets Stranger. If you have never read it, you really should. Like right now. I've spent many a minute being distracted by island adventures and rather spunky sense of humor that has me laughing in my swivel chair at work like a madwoman trying to hold it all in and make me look productive. It's made me think to myself

Funny things happen to me too! I'm calling my mom about them all the time! Why not put this writing bug that's gotten inside of me to good use and share the hilarity with others. Or at least try. 

So that's the plan folks :) I may or may not also include shameless plugs for my Etsy site: Stylish Stitchings and of course tutorials if I ever get around to sewing again (I have a mound of fabric the size of Mount Everest that is trying to be contained by boxes in my apartment and my room at home. It's almost as large as the pile of laundry that desperately needs cleaning.  Almost.)

So to start things off, a conversation today at work:

Ms. Wayne  (my roommate and coworker, she's practically married to Batman *cough* Bruce Wayne. No big deal.): I think we need to up the prices on the website so people will stop ordering. I keep getting emails from people who have never used the Internet.

Me: They say they have never used the computer before in their email?

Ms. Wayne: No, they just complain that they can't see their tracking information, I mean hello, it shipped two minutes ago!

Me: I'm sorry?

Ms. Wayne: It's not your fault. I just feel stupider by the second! Is stupider even a word? See! They are already working on me!

Me: At least you have a job!

30 minutes later

Ms. Wayne: I'm nervous to pee.

Me: Why??

Ms. Wayne: It's dark and scary outside!! So I'm nervous!

Me: And going to the bathroom is related to how dark it is outside?

Ms. Wayne: YES!

Me: Ain't nobody got time for that.



  1. "the end to life"? What does that mean? Beyond that you go girl!

    1. I'm guessing that was actually Mother who posted not Forrest? lol Forrest doesn't seem like the "you go girl" type! ha!