Monday, April 9, 2012

Granny Time

It has been said that I make a fabulous old lady...
And to be honest, I'd have to agree. I always tell people that my alter ego would have to be a crazy cat lady. :) The funniest part of it is, our apartment really could be owned by four little old ladies, especially with our newest addition. We would like to welcome Diego, Ethel Marge, and Eggburton Francis III to our humble abode. Hence picture Number One:
1: This lovely beauty was won at FHE (Family Home Evening) by one of my roommates and it is now proudly hanging above our kitchen table. They are our new pets (since some of us don't want a real one).

2: I love to cross stitch...while watching Hallmark movies on the couch of course.

3: Our couch has a lovely old lady print, and it's comfy too!

4: The four of us all love to do stuff with yarn: knit, crochet, make loom hats, tie down furniture, etc.

5: We don't have a real cat, but this little guy keeps us company. Now he'll have to make friends with the geese. ;)

Granny time is all the time in apartment #16A and I wouldn't want it any other way!


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